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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

History of symantec

Gary hendrix former ceo of apple founded the symantec corporation.
He started this company with his colleagues from SRI,inc.
Money was provided to them by Machine intelligence with $100k from a
National Foundation grant to help small businesses.
Hendrix served as ceo for Apple and also he worked for R&D as chairman and
vp. when he is in that company he worked on the software "the wiz" and "straight
talk".Bothe the programs enabled users to search complex databases by asking
questions in plain english.

Symanted was started on march 1,1982.The first office was located at 306 potrero in sunnyvale , california.

In 1983 they continues to work on the product "wiz" and "straight talk".
symantic creates a "wiz" rochure to help secure venture capital funding.

The wiz was a database management program for the Ibm-pc and clones.A
pioneer in object-oriented programming.But symantec never brought into
the market.

straight talk was a natural language based database management program for
the apple ll platform.The program was succssfully demonstratd at a meeting of the
American Electronics Association>Hendrix was hoping to attract $500000 in vc
funding.But Kleiner perkins gave symantec $3 million and started to play an active
role in symantec's business decisions.

In 1984 symantec merges with C& software(named for founders Denis coleman and Gordon eubanks,jr), which was developing software to integrate file reporting and word-processing
in a single product.Although c&e is large company they name the company after merging as
symantec due to its greater name recognition.
After that Gordon Eubanks,jr.becomes ceo.

In 1985 symantc launches tuner hall publishing.Intended to compete head-on with rival
software publishing,this wholly-owned division of symantec was the brainchild of Tom Byers and ted sclein.Its purpose was t acquire,market and distibute microcomputer
software developed by individual develpers outside of symantec.

one of symantec's first product launches is Q&A-a flat file database program with
other features for Ibm -pc and clones that used natural language instead of the industry's typical
cyptic dos commands.

In 1986 sales of Q&A hit 32000 copies in english,french ,german and dutch.
gordon Eubanks,jr.becomes president as well as ceo.

In 1987 symantec acquires apple-platform products from breakthrough,living videotext,and apple and ibm products from Think technologies .symantec begins to distribute these products under the symantec name.

in 1988 FYe revenue tops $39.8 million ,reaching a critical mass for symantecs pending initial public offering.
in may 12 1988 symantec makes its first diestiture by selling inbox to top5,a division of sun microsystems.

By yearend ,symantec is selling 20 different products ,including grandview an outlining program similar to more and thinktank.

In Fye revenue touches $61 million
symantec goes public on june23,with an ipo on Nasdaq at a share price of $10.50
symantec antivirus for macintosh deuts and sales hit $100000 in the first month.This is symantecs first stand alone antivirus product.
symantec corporation opens a subsidiary in the united is responsible for all sales,marketing,customer service,technical support and localization of products and upgrades for the uk.offices are in maidenhead.berkshire,uk.

In1990 fye revenue is $112 million symantec stock price $20 per share and number of employees increase to 1000.
symantec acquires peter nortan computing and becomes one of the 10 largest software companies.
symantec opens an office in sydney ,australia.

in 1991 fye revenue $174 million;international sales constitute 25 percent
symantec stock price $48.25 per share.
symantec stock splits for the first time two for one
symantec opens a manufacturing facilit in dublin,ireland and an international administrative center in the netherlands,additional subsidiary offices open in austraia,france and germany.
symantec acquires dynamic microprocessor associates zortech inc,ad leonard development group.
symantec creates first fax on deand product.

In 1992 fye revenue has a $381 million
symantec stock price $42.75 per share
number of employees 2000
symantec acqures certus international corportion and whitewater group

In 1993 fye revenue tops $124 million.
symantec stock price $12.88 per share
number of employees 1200
symantec heads in two significant new start work on supporting microsofts planned win95 platform and focuses on additional focus on products for corporate customers especially those who work in wan/lan environments
symantec acquires contact software and rapid enterprise
symantec opens a customer support office in eugene.oregon and additional facilities in california.

In 1994 symantec acquires former competitor centralpoint software,intec and slr
corporate headquarters move to cupertino,california.

in 1995 symantec acquires delrina and stock price $23 per share
symantec releases nortan antivirus,nortan utilities and nortan navigator in conjuction with the launch of win95. these products were released worldwide simultaniously.
the meaning behind the campaign was that campaign was that customers were protected from the very firt day they instaled win95 on their computers.

in 1996 symantec stock price $12.88 per share with employees 2000
symantec establishes norton enterprise framework to intensify focus on corporate customers
symantec introduce liveupdate software enabling customers to download and install product updates continuously including virus definition updates.
symantec is the first company to offer updates.
symantec sells timeline product form flow product and networking business unit.
symantec acquires fast track(network management /server utilities,netscape)

About symantec

symantec is known for its products which provide security from corporate companies to small scale business people and home based systems.
Its the world leading security provider to the pcs and systems.This company is boosting up their sales day by day and year by year.
Many new consumers are companies are adding as their customers.
Now this company is celebrating its 25th anniversary .The company enters into 25th year celebrating its success this year 2007 .
This company is situated in silicon valley in us.